1105, 2021

Short and budded


Terminal top shortening is an important issue in Christmas tree production. Christmas trees with long collars were already out of fashion. Shortening Method Dirabel (NAA) and Conshape SL (abscisic acid) are the solution. As a basic treatment, we take Dirabel (NAA) with a terminal top length of 8-12cm. For the stop treatment we use Conshape SL (abscisic acid) with a length of approx. 30 cm. Thus we guarantee dense, beautiful Christmas trees. The advantage: not only the growth of the terminals is inhibited, but also the bud formation and maturation of the top is stimulated. With the right fertilization and [...]

2903, 2021

Planting plants properly


Every year we plant our beautiful Ambrolauri 2/1 in spring. For us the best solution - a 3-row setting machine, ancient and yet best suited. Often the old things prove to be the longest. Why do we swear by it? Not only because you are setting faster with 3 rows than with 2 or 1 row, but also because you prevent you from setting exactly on the tractor track. The track always runs exactly between the rows. Thus, the plants are placed in a great loosened soil. This is another plus point that favors growth. Our planting steps go like [...]

1203, 2021

Christmas trees perfectly in shape


You will find the fittest christmas trees at our company. We train with them regularly. You think such nonsense? You're right! Because we only train them in their shape. Christopher makes targeted cuts to perfectly style the Christmas tree. The shortening of the terminal top makes this cut absolutely necessary. Because slim trees are the bestsellers. If the trees were only shortened and not pruned, they would be thick, round bullets. With our cutting method we achieve a great cone shape and encourage the tree to become dense and bushy. Come over, take a field tour! Cordial invitation!

1202, 2021

Christmas trees wholesale Denmark – the better alternative


The Christmas tree country par excellence is Denmark - and that is well known. But in times of regionality and climate protection, one should look for nearby providers. Christrees Christmas trees are particularly suitable for this. But looking for large Christmas tree producers in Austria does not come up to that. But once you know that there are the most beautiful ones there, you no longer need to look around in distant countries. The advantages: Location In the heart of Europe - near Vienna - is the ideal starting point for all European countries and of course neighboring countries to [...]

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